Hamish Blakely - The Last Rehearsal

The Last Rehearsal

There is more of a narrative to this piece. Still inspired by the Degas bathers, this woman has just come off stage from a gruelling last dress rehearsal. I will leave it to the spectator to define what exact dance she excels at. To me, it is either tango or ballet. Either way, the demands on the body, especially the feet are evident. 'Tired Toes' could have been an alternative title and explains the spirit of the piece, but it would have sounded way too cutesy for me. The towel, weaved stool and brass foot bath are all items that an artist should love to have a go at. This was especially challenging but very enjoyable and the drama of her leaning frame with her tumbling hair called out "Paint Me!"

Giclee On Paper
Image Size 20" x 20"

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